Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Gang Bang Cat Thief Strikes Austin

I mean, how rude is this? This poor, innocent girl is having a casual evening at home, getting plowed seven ways into next week and someone comes into her house, and cat nabs the shit out of her. We all know how I feel about cats, but this is weak sauce. Everybody has just gotta hide their kids, hide their wives, cause ain't nobody safe. Obviously, we got a cat nabber in Austin snatching your cats up. I bet I know who it was, too... that Canadian singer chick. This seems right up her alley, swooning preteens and annoying the crap out of the world by day, cat nabbing by night. I bet she likes cats, too. Ew.

PS... I love how she start's the post "to the guy (or guys)"... this girl is a tramp and she knows it. Love it!

PPS... Who the fuck cat nabs these days? Why would anyone look at a cat and say, "I want that for myself!"


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