Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rate This Bar Tab... Iron Maidon Takes Norway by Storm

Ok, now this is a party! First off, it's Finnegan's Irish Pub in Norway, which everyone knows is the cheapest bar in the Arctic Circle. Bonus points for that. Looking down this delicious menu, you can't help wonder... are these guys American? Jack Daniels, Peachtree, Coke, Jager??? All American stuff. Well done.

Then it gets weird with the Polly Peanbitters and Slippery Nipples. But, I guess you have to assume that those were for the prude bitches that wouldn't put out for the rock stars. Where are you now, whores?

All I can say, is that at least this is in Euro's and not real money. Because that is one hefty tab, even for rock stars. I give this bar tab a 7.5 out of 10 on the Alcoholics Scale: friends are really concerned, but most of them think that first DUI was a fluke and that he was set up on the second. Not bad.

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