Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lookie Here, Butthorns

That, my friends is a reference to one of the greatest movies ever made. Bulletproof starring THE Gary Busey. Love interest, yes? Main character, yes? Too good to be true, YES.

I want some fan interaction and I want it now. Yes, this is a rallying cry for all unapologetic partiers out there. Yes, I know you're out there. Yes, I know we've been slacking for a little while. Yes, I know you may be wondering where this rash of incredible posts have been coming from? Where is not the question. The question is why. The answer? A rejuvenated belief in what we believe in. Yes, that is a sentence that ends in a preposition, get the FUCK used to it.

If you are reading this, you know me. You know us. We are unapologetic revelers in life. Maybe we're in school. Maybe we're in the real world. Maybe we don't know what we are. I can't promise that seven to ten new posts will appear every day. I can promise that this is le premier jour du reste de ta vie. (google translate that shit). So what? So, let's dance!

Take this as our unapologetic manifesto. Take this is a plea to our readers. Take this as the rallying cry for a nation that we know exists. But, make no mistake about this... be sure you take this as a beginning of a new age of unapologetic partying. Got a great story? Email us at Comment on our shitty posts. Follow us on Twitter at @NotSFP. Above all, support the lifestyle that we live daily. This is your lifestlye. You know you want to live it. Now do it.

What do we promise? We promise to bring our best. Every post. Every day. We need you in return, though. That's all for now. See you in the showers.


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