Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July Tweets

All the NotSFP tweets from July:

@jaeDC I'm gonna run train on your internal organs this weekend and make you sooooo sorry. #NotSorryForPartying
10:25 AM Jul 1st
Most expensive #SFP move ever, broker trades $520mil of oil futures to raise int'l prices while blackout drunk: @jaeDC
10:31 AM Jul 1st@danieltosh puts an end to #brosicingbros with one fell swoop: #SFP10:34 AM Jul 1st
There's just something horribly wrong with this and I can't quite place my finger on it: Thanks @johnjvoci #goo #SFP11:29 AM Jul 1st
Tiger's assets well north of $1bil + extensive infidelities = $750mil settlement for Elin: Was it worth it, Tiger? #SFP11:37 AM Jul 1st
19-year-old steals bus and drives regular route... then crashes: @DCistUpdates @sbenkov @johnjvoci #grandtheftbus #SFP1:13 PM Jul 13th
MTV is bringing back Beavis and Butthead: ...and possibly away from awful programming? #Rejoice #SFP3:31 PM Jul 15th
Australia goes on an all-night bender, blacks out, wakes up in North Atlantic upside down: @johnjvoci @aram1nta #SFP3:39 PM Jul 15th
Finally! The reason we can't win in Afghanistan... wait for it... jihadist monkeys: #fuckingmonkeys #SFP4:00 PM Jul 15th
How to tell is your evil cat is plotting to kill you: @johnjvoci #SFP4:59 PM Jul 19th
Combining taxidermy and alcohol gives you quite possibly the coolest (and most expensive) beer ever: @kelmcdowell #SFP3:14 PM Jul 23rd
@WSJ Partiers invent "Floatopia" to avoid San Diego's no-booze-on-the-beach laws: Sorry for Partying... and floating3:23 PM Jul 26th
RT@johnjvoci even a hipster dog is cooler than a cat PM Jul 27th

RELENTLESS PURSUIT intro... Awesomeness: PM Jul 27th
Finger in butt crack sparks knife fight: Umm, it's called swiping the credit card. @sbenkov @johnjvoci #SFP2:40 PM Jul 27th
Exercising while intoxicated: dude drinks 13 beers during San Fran Half Marathon and reflects on his experience: #SFP2:11 PM Jul 28th
Congress narrows gap in cocaine penalties, crackheads everywhere rejoice: #eliminatemandatoryminimumsentencing #SFP3:18 PM Jul 28th
@vineyard_vines First I'll put on a VV shirt & shorts & my croakies, at night, in NYC, so everyone will know I'm awesome and then I'll blackout9:48 AM Jul 30th
United We Stand (as men)... because we have no choice: @jaeDC @BroBible #sotrue #SFP12:09 PM Jul 30th
UPDATE: Phillie puker gets 30-90 days in jail, 2 years probation: @epgoodwinjr #TypicalPhilliePhan #SFP
1:50 PM Jul 30th

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