Thursday, August 12, 2010

BrosLikeThisSite Gives SFP A Shout-Out... Sort Of

Happy Thursday everyone! Do you feel that? It's the hangover from your usual Wednesday night bender. Most people complain about their hangovers. This is wrong. Be proud, because it's a sign of how unapologetic you are. Keep partying 7 days a week and wear your hangovers as a badge of honor.

Anyway... I was perusing one of my favorite sites on the internet this morning, BrosLikeThisSite, when I came across the newest post: #130 Drinking Beer Fast. As usual, the commentary was was spot on and hilarious. The site's author, Ned's Younger Brother, is a genius social commentator and as unapologetic a Bro as any. And in this case, his topic of conversation focused on a creation of the Sorry for Partying crew: Long Bong Silver. The more avid readers of this blog will recall from a post last August, that LBS is a 3-story beer bong that we built in our quest to push the envelop of physics and partying. It's been descibed as a "a two-person thrill ride that dispenses beer like a fire hose."

Many of you might be skeptical right now, "but guys, how could NYB possibly know about YOUR beer bong? Isn't he busy ruling the Realm of Brodom and banging slampieces?" He is. But what many of you may not know, is that NYB is based right here in Arlington... just like the Sorry for Partying crew. So has NYB experienced LBS? You bet your sweet ass. Dominated that bitch and asked for seconds. Just like 'Bron and Bosh went to Miami to team up with D-Wade, the great partyers of Arlington gravitate and gather under the banner of SFP.

So boom, there you have it: one of the most widely-read and respected Bro-oriented sites on the internet giving a shout-out (sort of) to one of the little guys. The unapologetic attitude is everywhere; it's infectious and it's spreading. If you're not on the Sorry for Partying train, you might as well spend the rest of your days on earth worrying about your 401K balances, wearing fat-ass Docker pants, and driving a Volvo. And you sure as shit shouldn't read this blog or BrosLikeThisSite anymore. Just ask Ned's Younger Brother.

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