Thursday, July 29, 2010

David Ortiz Calls it Like Is

ANAHEIM Despite three home runs by Mike Lowell Tuesday night while on rehab assignment for Pawtucket, the trade market for him showed no increase in activity Wednesday, according to a major league source. “All is quiet,” the source said.

David Ortiz, asked if he’d heard what Lowell had done the night before, said, “Mikey Lowell is bombing some [expletives] down there, right? That’s what he’d do here, too. Bomb [expletives]. We all know that. That’s what we do for a living — bomb [expletives].’’

David Ortiz knows how to keep things simple so that everyone can understand it. Sure, it needs to be written down, syllable by syllable until there is some semblance of a sentence formed. Let's face it, Ortiz has about Jean Girard's grasp of the English language without the peanut butter. But what happens after we decipher all those pops and clicks? I'll tell you what... we have pure gold, Jerry! Case and Point... Ortiz talks about teammate Mike Lowell's performance in his rehab assignment saying he is bombing 'fuckers down there.' We're not really sure what the expletive is here, but I'm assuming fuckers. It's that or 'lines of blow,' but I'm going with 'fuckers.'

This, my friends, is why we all love David Ortiz. Just a big, goofy bro who is awesome at everything he does. Hitting home runs, not hitting to left field (because if you ain't hitting right, you're wrong), playing DH, getting hurt. He is the ultimate at sitting on the bench for most of every game and getting paid like the champion he is. You think he cares what you think? Hell no! But he is a badass who sticks up for his fellow bros. Respect.


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