Monday, June 21, 2010

May Tweets

Here are all the unapologetic Tweets from May. Enjoy!

Troops reenact Lady Gaga video in Afghanistan, should be sorry: #MissionAccomplished #SFP @BroBible @TheOnionIncestuous Granny banging in Indiana: That's just nasty. #PhilBailey is a sick bastard, and is def #notsorry. @BroBibleThe Better Marriage Blanket blocks even the most rancid farts: Buy yours today! @BroBible @BarstoolBoston #SFP
Juvenile? Yes. Still hilarious? Yes. Enjoy that one. #SFP @jaeDC @sbenkov @BroBibleI got iced last night: Have you been iced yet? @BroBible #SFPWhy NH is better than VT (1000% factual): #SFP #GraniteStateJust saw a 55-60 year-old woman with red stripes dyed into her hair... this bad #economy is really fucking with some people. @Deadspin #SFPThe Luckiest People On Earth (and some of the dumbest): #wowsers #SFP #naturalselection @BroBibleQuite possibly the worst rapper of all time: This is what the Anti-Bro looks like #dothemath #SFP @BroBible @sbenkovSomething about this blog makes me smile: #Georgetown #SFP @BroBible @brentdibble
10:03 AM May 20th
Suck it... now enjoy this delicious cake: Truly a cake for every occasion. #unapologeticcake #SFP @jaeDCOhio Lt. Gov. touching himself=lost jobs for the state... or so says the NRSC: #masturbation #SFP @jaeDC @BroBible
12:29 PM May 20th
WTF Japan, why are you so Japanese all the time? #WTFJapan #SFP #foreigners @dolski28 @brettshank
2:26 PM May 20th
Good article on "haute stoner cuisine" from the @nytimes #dope #weed #marijuana #SFP @aram1nta @sbenkovI got #ICED at least a dozen times this weekend. What did you do? Be a part of the phenomenon: #SFP @brosicingbros
10:54 AM May 24th
"Do you ever wonder what it would be like if Niagra Falls were made out of whiskey?" #JimBeamRevelations #SFP @jaeDC @BroBible
4:11 PM May 24th
"Why Bros Get Iced, Bro" i.e. The origins of Bros ICING Bros: Thanks to @theawl @brosicingbros #fratboyslim #SFPI think they meant BEST drinking trend: Stop hating @DCist_Updates or we'll #ICE you. @BroBible @brosicingbros #SFP
1:46 PM May 25th
I like to catch a buzz as much as the next person, but even I think that this is for short-bussers and window-lickers: The Phillie puker is guilty Lawyer: "It's probable he consumed too much alcohol..." Ya Think? @BroBible #SFP
3:09 PM May 25th
The PooTrap is available in 8 sizes and 3 colors. Hooray! Next logical step is one for humans and #Icantwait #SFPOh no! @JaredAllen69 cuts his mullet: It's a sad day for mulleteers @BroBible #SFP
10:44 AM May 26th
@JaredAllen69 The mullet was trimmed for the wedding but the Moolay is more than just some hair, its a lifestyle! You gotta keep a positive Mullitude....
5:16 PM May 25th
From @JaredAllen69 "If I approach you from the front, it's like, wow, that dude is pretty serious...
10:46 AM May 26th
...Then I walk away and you're like, damn, he likes to party. With two Rs." @JaredAllen69 is such a #BRO @BroBible @brosicingbros #SFP
10:47 AM May 26th
BarstoolBoston Does This Look Like The Face of A Kid Who Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day? claims that it's not behind #brosicingbros despite how awesome it is: Thanks @Awl #SFP @brosicingbros
1:50 PM May 26th
The phenomenon has reached Fortune magazine: #brosicingbros @brosicingbros @BroBible @WafflesMcButter @Deadspin #SFP
2:44 PM May 26th
And a great take on #brosicingbros from local blogger Ned's Younger Brother:
2:46 PM May 26th
mcuban I just iced someone ...
6:14 PM May 25th
Russia in pictures- at least the Soviets got one thing right: a pump on a vodka bottle #SFPThe most American pants on the market today, with a great sales pitch too: @stephenjreardon @BroBible @Dolski28 #SFP
2:19 PM May 27th
Pussy gets wet... then dizzy... then hypothermia (SFW): #yougottaloveitwhen this happens #SFPTeen werewolves in San Antonio! Keep small animals and children indoors: Absolutely ridiculous @jaeDC #SFP
4:51 PM May 27th
Tim James for Alabama governor: American English for all and extra scrutiny for foreigny-lookin' people @BroBible #SFP
10:48 AM May 28th
PiPhi's at Miami of Ohio Had The Pukiest, Poopiest, Sexiest Spring Formal Ever #deadspin #SFPOnly in Jersey: kid is sorry for pooping... in a soda #SFP @stephenjreardon @Deadspin @jaeDC

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