Wednesday, May 19, 2010

April Tweets

All the unapologetic Twattering from April. Enjoy!

Fake mobster is Not Sorry for Partying: #SFP Thanks to @stephenjreardon
5:28 PM Apr 5th
This makes perfect sense if you've ever been stoned: @sbenkov @jaeDC #SFP #muffins #thisismydream
12:10 PM Apr 7th
"I'm not from the North!" Best Jimmy Dean sausage complaint ever. @jaeDC @Dolski28 #SFP
12:44 PM Apr 7th
"Bro, You're A God Among Bros" Thanks @TheOnion #SFP #therealme @Dolski28 @brettshank
1:39 PM Apr 8th
Carlsberg bans beer, workers go on strike: #ifonlyinamerica #SFP Thanks @stephenjreardon
5:06 PM Apr 8th
John Daly the Bro King hits tee shot off a tall boy: #havefaith that this man is a true bro #SFP
1:12 PM Apr 13th
And let's not forget the time the Bro King played an entire round shoeless and shirtless: #NotSorryForPartying
1:17 PM Apr 13th
Quote re: Texas Stadium demolition ( "What if they had an F-18 flyover and bombed that shit? That'd be true Texas!"
1:22 PM Apr 13th
Two gems from @BarstoolBoston re: drinking in a police car & the season's hottest new fashion #SFP
10:48 AM Apr 14th
Great column by @WafflesMcButter on @BroBible re: Loyola Univ Panel on Bros #lifeisgoodwhen you're a #Bro #SFP
3:22 PM Apr 14th
Craigslist bro seeking fake girlfriend to meet parents: Sounds like the beginning of a @TuckerMax story. #SFP
10:13 AM Apr 15th
"We drink because it's what men do" Thanks @sbenkov #MadMen #SFP
1:27 PM Apr 15th
NH tops nation in average state dick size: #livefreeordie #theydontcallitthegranitestatefornothing #SFP
2:02 PM Apr 15th
This picture is worth 100,000 words: Thanks to @BarstoolBoston #SFP @sbenkov @brettshank @Dolski28 @jaeDC
4:07 PM Apr 16th
Can you down a pitcher of beer in 5 seconds? This guy can: #nowplaying #SFP
11:13 AM Apr 19th
Iranian cleric claims slutty bitches cause earthquakes; I say fact: #science #truth #SFP @jaeDC
3:09 PM Apr 19th
Baltimore is trying to bro-hate; Hopkins students are outraged, drunk: @kelmcdowell #SFP
11:25 AM Apr 20th
I Just Lost The Game: @stephenjreardon @kelmcdowell #SFP
3:16 PM Apr 20th
@PatrickRuffini You're right! Anyone who endorses Rubio would have the intelligence of a cup of coffee.
10:43 AM Apr 22nd
Utah to execute unapologetic killer by firing squad: Thanks @huffingtonpost #SFP #capitalpunishment @BroBible @jaeDC
3:35 PM Apr 23rd
What a bunch of quitters: #KappaAlphaOrder #SFP #OldSouth
4:23 PM Apr 23rd
Bro-hating is afoot at Connecticut College: @BroBible @sbenkov #broandproud #SFP
3:20 PM Apr 28th
Sheep+Tasers+Meth=Corporate Research: I'm in the wrong line of work. #sheepgethightoo #SFP @BroBible
3:33 PM Apr 28th
Indonesian police officers forbidden from enlarging their wangers: #TooBlackForTwitter #SFP @BroBible
3:37 PM Apr 28th
New SuperSoaker shoots goo, dubbed "The Cum Cannon" Word is that @jaeDC would love one @BroBible #goo #SFP
3:55 PM Apr 28th

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