Friday, March 19, 2010

February Tweets

Here are the NotSFP Tweets from Feb-tober. Enjoy!

@Spiritairlines wants you to go MUFF Diving for $9. I shit you not: #thatsanono but it's still awesome #SFP
RT @Spiritairlines MUFF to Diving Destinations and other places too! That's right, Many Unbelievably Fantastic Fares from $9* E/W. "yalls secually explicit emails make me want to fly even more" #SFP Bravo on the savvy marketing, guys.Most retarded website ever: #politicalcorrectnessisforpussies #SFPImpending snowbliteration for DC, likely more epic than December's snowpocalypse. Stay tuned for posts re: the weekend's antics. #SFPBTW #blizzardrules apply starting 9 am Fri. Blizzard Rules=real rules don't apply, so run red lights, drink in public, don't be sorry @jaeDCAlso this: sorry for chucking animal semen on you #butwheredoesoneevenacquireanimalsemen? #SFPTo everyone in DC: #runforyourlives #SFPAlso, this guy is NotSFP: not sorry for predicting (the weather) #SFP It's been said before, we'll say it again: Jared Allen is the Ultimate Bro in Sports:

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