Friday, February 5, 2010

The Winter Olympic Drinking Games-Snowboard

In preparation for the opening of the Olympic Winter Games in just 7 short days, we are bringing you an exclusive series of event-specific drinking games to enhance your viewing experience. We are publishing one drinking game per day from now until the Games begin. Today's sport: snowboard. As described on the official Vancouver site, "Combining elements of surfing, skateboarding and skiing, snowboard- one of the fastest growing sports- is a recent addition to the Olympic Winter Games. The first official snowboard competition was held in Colorado in 1981."

Now the monster storm that is just beginning to hit the D.C. area has got me completely distracted- not to mention the riot punch is almost chilled to the proper temperature and the keg is ready to be tapped- so you'll have to forgive my lack of wittiness in this post. (Strange how a bunch of snow is distracting me from writing about a sport that takes place on snow). Either way, there's one important thing to note about the snowboard competition: there are two primary classes of events- the races and the halfpipe. In the interest of expediency (read: laziness), I just decided to mash everything into one drinking game. Therefore, some of the rules will apply to both events, while others will be event-specific.

Remember to always begin and end every drinking game with chants of "USA! USA! USA!" People will hear you, they will understand, and they will join you. And, of course, the game described in Monday's post applies throughout the entirety of the Olympics. As for me, I'm off to fire up the grill because there is nothing more badass than a barbecue in a blizzard.

The Snowboard Drinking Game:

1.) Take a drink at the beginning of every race/routine

2.) Take a shot of your choice every time a racer crashes or wipes out on the 'pipe

3.) Take a drink at the conclusion of every race/routine

4.) Take a double drink anytime you see a snowboarding montage backed by heavy metal/hard rock/thrash music

5.) Take a drink every time a snowboarder finishes their race/routine and then gestures or starts talking into the cameras (damn punk kids these days with no sense of decorum)

For the races:

6.) Take a drink every time a racer's shoulder hits one of those flag things on the parallel giant slalom course

7.) Take a drink every time somebody gets passed by another racer in snowboard cross

For halfpipe:

8.) Take a drink for every flip (if it's a double flip, drink twice, and so on)

Check out the full schedule here:

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