Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Winter Olympic Drinking Games-Bobsleigh

In preparation for the opening of the Olympic Winter Games in just 8 short days, we are bringing you an exclusive series of event-specific drinking games to enhance your viewing experience. We are publishing one drinking game per day from now until the Games begin. Today's event: bobsleigh. (Yes, bobsleigh; I always thought it was bobsled, too. Boy, was I wrong). In terms of practicality, this sport falls somewhere between curling and speed skating. As described on the official Vancouver site, "In winter, using a sled to travel and have fun dates back some 700 years. The idea of racing sleds down a steep and twisting track dates back about 150 years, to the mid-19th century, when British tourists began tobogganing on the snowbound roads of the Alps."

Now this is just too easy: can't you imagine the Noble Duke of York, dressed in a waistcoat, screaming "Tallyho!" and then bombing down Mont Blanc? "Jolly good run, chaps. Perhaps next time we shall attempt not to lose the Duchess on Turn 3. Shall we retire for a spot of tea?" I think in the end, we'll have to give the Brits a mulligan on the invention of tobogganing (as a practical mode of transportation). After all, these are the same people who spawned the English language, conquered one-quarter of the world's landmass, won a couple world wars (with our help, of course), and invented the "wet lunch." They can't be all that bad. In lieu of any further attempts at witty comments on my part, I simply suggest you watch "Cool Runnings" no fewer than 5 times prior to this this event. It's John Candy at his best, R.I.P.

Remember to always begin and end every drinking game with chants of "USA! USA! USA!" People will hear you, they will understand, and they will join you. And, of course, the game described in Monday's post applies throughout the entirety of the Olympics.

The Bobsleigh Drinking Game:

1.) Start drinking when a team begins running down the starting stretch, do not stop until all team members are in the sled

2.) Finish your drink if any team member doesn't make it into the sled or if the team commits a foul on the start

3.) Take a drink whenever an announcer says something like "come/coming/comes around the bend" (drink on all types of come!)

4.) Take a drink of your choice every time a team races that is not from a "cold" country (this can be construed liberally to include any team from continental Europe)

5.) Finish your drink every time a sled crashes; take a shot as well if broken bones result

6.) Take a drink at the conclusion of every race

"Cool Runnings" Bonus Rule: Take a drink every time someone speaks in a Jamaican accent (you're welcome)

The full bobsleigh schedule: Tallyho!

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