Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January Tweets 1

To cap a fun-filled day of bloggery I respectfully submit the first half of the NotSFP Tweets from January, so you can relive the magic all over again:

Brits drink £100 million worth of booze on NYE, set record for emergency calls, aren't sorry in the least: http://bit.ly/5HphDd Great pics!
"Primo Box" def: The entire TCU cheer and dance squad. #slampiece #SFP
10:21 AM Jan 5th
"Potato Chuckers" def: The entire Boise St. cheer and dance squad. As in, "Go back ta Idaho, ya potato chuckers." #NotCute #SFP
10:22 AM Jan 5th
"Remember: blacking out is like witness protection for your conscience." #omgfacts #TRUTH #SFP
3:10 PM Jan 5th
Brother unapologetically posts sister's blow job list on Facebook in retaliation for beer confiscation: http://bit.ly/7mKb0y Too funny! #SFP
3:51 PM Jan 5th
Ochocinco not shy- or apologetic- about his private life: http://bit.ly/6eKHLn #thingsyoudontsay #SFP
10:37 AM Jan 6th
Drunk school bus driver tells students: "Don't be such a bunch of pussies." http://bit.ly/6JbQNY #SFP
11:38 AM Jan 6th
Ex-Lion Charles Rogers ignores sobriety court order, passes out in public at 3 pm, isn't sorry... or conscious: http://bit.ly/5WsXZI #SFP
12:50 PM Jan 6th
"I have kleptomania, but when it gets bad, I take something for it." @Dolski28 @phila_lawyer @BroBible #SFP
12:21 PM Jan 7th
"A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory." @TuckerMax @BroBible @phila_lawyer #SFP #basicmentality
1:58 PM Jan 8th
"Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake." #unapologeticquips #SFP
2:00 PM Jan 11th
"Welcome to Utah. Set your watch back 20 years." #unapologeticquips #SFP
2:00 PM Jan 11th
"I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other." #unapologeticquips #SFP
2:01 PM Jan 11th"I am Nobody. Nobody is Perfect. Therefore, I am Perfect." #unapologeticquips #SFP
2:01 PM Jan 11th"Kentucky: 5 million people, 15 last names." #unapologeticquips #SFP
2:02 PM Jan 11thAnd last but not least: "Dyslexics have more nuf." #unapologeticquips #SFP
2:02 PM Jan 11thSorostitutes trash talk Haiti and hurricane...err, earthquake: http://bit.ly/8WgZLg #hereshopingtheygetbedbugsinthedominican #SFP
10:22 AM Jan 15th
Floor collapses at Swedish Weight Watchers clinic: http://bit.ly/76A509 #cantmakethisshitup #reallifeirony #SFP
10:27 AM Jan 15th

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