Monday, January 4, 2010

Great (Look-Alike) Faces In History

There are many well-known pairs of celebrity look-alikes: Sarah Palin and Tina Fey, Zac Efron and Clay Aiken, Courtney Love and Golum, to name a few. But there are a few you may not know about, especially when we start delving into historical figures and deceased persons. For instance, Norm from the long-running sitcom Cheers is a dead ringer for Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of the 16th President. Don't believe me? Check out the pics below.

Hillary Norman "Norm" Peterson:
Mrs. Lincoln:
If that's not a familial resemblance then I'll hang up my drinking shoes right now. And the similarities don't end there. Norm was from Chicago; Mrs. Lincoln married honest Abe, who eventually represented Illinois in the United States Senate. Norm was the most committed patron of Cheers (the only character to appear in all 270 episodes); Mrs. Lincoln was committed to a sanitarium for the last decade of her life. Phrased differently, Norm's best friend on the show was postman, Cliff Clavin; Mrs. Lincoln went postal. Norm had a woman's name (Hillary); Mrs. Lincoln had a dude's name (Todd). And my favorite similarity: Norm loved to get blasted; Mrs. Lincoln's husband was blasted. Too soon?

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