Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Introduction to SFP

Hey ya'll. KNOW THIS: you are going to get to like this blog. Mostly written by 2 fraternity brothers, one current and one alum, along with many guests.

Sorry For Partying is the web's new home for all things related to: drinking, drinking outdoors, tailgating, 3-story beer bongs, doing ridiculous shit, country music, reasons the South is better than the North but why we live in the North anyways, and generally being awesome. Trust me we're experts. And yes, while writing about it in a blog would generally disprove this, we are the exceptions to the rule.

So what exactly do we mean when we say "Sorry For Partying" (or not, as the case may be)? We turn to the always informative yet often lame Urban Dictionary for a concise and compelling explanation:

Sorry For Partying-

the act of apologizing for having an awesome time; in no situation does this saying not apply.

You kill your neighbors dog? Sorry For Partying. You steal your friend's credit card at the bar and run up a huge tab? Sorry For Partying. You bang your friend's mom with an empty beer bottle? Sorry For Partying. Piss your pants in the bar? Sorry For Partying. Can't get a boner because you're too drunk? Sorry For Partying.

Liam: What the hell, you just threw all my food at that house!?
Chris: Sorry for partying. I thought this was college.
Liam: You're right Chris, continue. My bad.

Man: You just smashed all my pumpkins, I'm gonna kick your ass!!!
John: Sorry for partying.
Man (walks away calmly)

The title says it all: we sure as shit are Not Sorry For Partying.

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